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In 1890 the last of the "Spiers" - a daughter - sold the Estate to Mr. J. C. Dunwaters, whose family had farmed in the parish, and who was one of the proprietors of the Outram Press, a large Scottish publishing conglomerate. In 1901, he sold the Estate to Walter (later, Sir Walter) Menzies, and emigrated to Canada where, in British Columbia, he bought an estate and named it Fintry. Sir Walter, who used Culcreuch Castle as a private home, was succeeded by his son. In the early 70's, on the death of his son's widow, her nephew, Mr. Hercules Robinson became the owner and Laird of Culcreuch.

Hercules Robinson saw the potential of Culcreuch as a tourism venue and made a concerted effort to attract visitors and establish a business by offering tours of the Castle and lunches to the general public and passing coach tours.